Mentalist Victor Norbart



About Victor 

"Victor Norbart performed on my TV show Mind Masters Live, his charisma and good looks combined with his amazing skills and talent produces a wonderful magical performance. I believe Victor will go far!
I highly reccomend you experience his magic!"

-Uri Geller-


Victor has been a stage-mentalist since 2013. He never ceases to amaze his audiences with his mind-blowing mental tricks; from mindreading and hypnosis to future predictions and cardtricks. You will not believe your senses when watching Victor perform!

On the twentieth of November, Victor Amazed millions of SBS6 viewers with his great act in which he made Dutch celebrities eat horrible foods in a hilarious way. The Council of ten celebrities was astounded by the performance Victor gave.

Victor has been a professional host since 2011. From live tv-shows to grand national talent shows. His fast and witty style of hosting never loses the audiences' attention. If you are looking for a funny and well-spoken host; Victor is your man!